Certified Hand Therapy Services

The elbow/wrist/hand complex is very detailed, and proper function is essential for normal activity and general health.  Here at Fit Quest, we have a certified hand therapist to address all types of dysfunction to include tendinitis, nerve disorders, arthritis, etc.  We also provide custom splinting for each patient as needed.

We treat all kinds of non-operative and post-operative problems using the latest science and techniques to get you back to your normal activity.


What is certified hand therapy?

Certified hand therapy evaluates and treats injuries and conditions in the upper extremity through therapeutic intervention. It can be used as rehabilitation or preventative care. A hand therapist is a certified therapist who has extensive knowledge of the workings of the upper extremities. These therapists are trained in the treatment of pathological conditions in the hand. Conditions such as tendinitis, nerve disorders, arthritis, and others can be treated with customized hand therapy.


What does hand therapy involve?

Hand therapy is helpful for preventative care, rehabilitation, and a non-operative intervention. If you suffer from chronic conditions in your hand or upper extremities—hand therapy may be able to provide you with some relief. This form of therapy consists of exercises, massages, and other physical therapy techniques. Exactly what hand therapy will look like will vary from person to person based on your body, injury, and needs. Similar to other physical therapy, you can expect hand therapy to be done in a series of visits depending on your situation. You can also expect physical therapy exercise that will help to heal and strengthen your hand, wrist, elbows, and shoulders.


The Benefits of Hand Therapy

Have your hand back to its normal, everyday activities with hand therapy. At Fit Quest, we have experienced and certified hand therapists who will address all types of pain and dysfunction. Say goodbye to elbow, wrist, and hand pain. Not only will your extremities return to full function with proper therapy, but you can also prevent further and future damage. With the help of hand therapy, you can be educated about how to treat your hands to avoid future pain. You may have recommended lifestyle changes or simple physical therapy exercises, it will all be catered to your specific situation and needs.


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